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Traffic Engineering

Secure and Sustainable Traffic Engineering Solutions


Working on the road is an activity that creates a potential hazard to both road users and workers. They are often exposed to potential risk, due to the close proximity of traffic. Therefore, with growing traffic volumes and increasing construction projects, it is essential to get an effective traffic engineering solution.


We, at Traffic Engineering Australia, are dedicated to providing realistic and efficient solutions to traffic engineering and planning. Whether it is construction companies, road maintenance companies, builders or traffic control companies, we provide the best traffic engineering services.


Our Core Capabilities Include:


Our services are focused on providing safe and value for money solutions that satisfy your traffic engineering requirements. As the leading provider of traffic engineering services, we streamline your traffic needs, creating a safer and efficient workplace.


Get Reliable Traffic Results with Our Traffic Engineers

We provide you high-quality traffic engineering services through our highly-skilled team of traffic engineer in Sydney and Melbourne. Our traffic engineers use cutting-edge tools to create future-proof plans for a safe and effective movement of vehicles on roadways. They conduct all audits and inspections without fear or favour while creating an accurate end-result.


Being the reputable provider of traffic engineering solutions, we are committed to completing easy to complex projects under stringent timelines. If you are looking for the innovative products and methods to reduce traffic controller exposure and protect worksites, then we are your ultimate choice. With Traffic Engineering Australia, you can expect nothing less than integrity and superior workmanship.


Increase Workplace Safety through Traffic Management Planning & Engineering

Due to urbanisation, traffic management becomes more challenging. With this, the demand of the individuals to improve transportation system and traffic management is also increasing. Therefore, it is necessary to take essential steps towards traffic management and increasing safety of people.


We, at Traffic Engineering Australia, provide an efficient traffic management planning and engineering services for construction of any major infrastructure asset or a commercial project. Having over 15 years of experience in civil construction and traffic management, we ensure you to deliver practical solutions to all your traffic engineering and planning requirements.


Our traffic management plan is personalised to suit your workplace, activities and traffic situations. We build up traffic plans to ensure maximum efficiency while maintaining the compliance standards and highest safety.


Why Choose Us?

  • Proven Expertise
    Whether it is staging of work programs or permanent signage installation, Traffic Engineering Australia has proven expertise in designing and implementing effective traffic engineering solutions. It is accurately aligned according to your specifications.
  • Transparency At Work
    We consider taking a balanced and ground-breaking approach to traffic problems. That’s why we make sure to maintain transparency in dealing with all construction companies, builders, an event for councils or traffic control companies.
  • Highly-Skilled Professionals
    With our professional team of engineers in Melbourne, we provide you detailed traffic management plans and consulting, while reducing costs and fulfilling your RPEQ (professional engineer of Queensland) requirements.
  • Timely Completion of the Project
    By working hard and implementing modern methodologies, our engineers ensure timely completion of your traffic and transportation engineering project.


If you have a large workplace with a high volume of traffic, then opt for our traffic management plan which helps you solve traffic risks. Also, they are vital for organisations working near roads or pedestrian pathways.


We, at Traffic Engineering Australia, provide a holistic approach to your traffic management requirements and look after every detail, saving you time. Our engineers in Sydney evaluate your traffic engineering requirements and provide you with the cost-effective solutions.


Need More Information?

If you are searching for a traffic engineering service provider who can address your traffic management needs, then Traffic Engineering Australia is here to help you. Contact us at 07 3133 3968 and Email us at and get immediate traffic engineering solutions. So, minimise the disruption to traffic flow through your work site by hiring our services.