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Traffic Engineer Swept Path

With space at a premium, developers are constantly working to achieve more with less space. So, it’s essential to ensure that all vehicle traffic is able to move unimpeded through the development. Carrying out a swept path analysis will ensure that the proposed layout can handle all reasonable manoeuvres by all types of vehicle that are expected to use the area.


At Traffic Engineering Australia, we provide expert traffic engineer swept path analysis. Using the latest swept path analysis software, we can determine if the planned layout can accommodate the movementsand manoeuvresof any vehicles likely to be moving through the development.


Our swept path programs feature a comprehensive vehicle library to ensure thorough testing for all vehicle types. If we don’t have your specific vehicle type on file, or if your vehicle features variable dimensions due to a major transport project, we can custom program your vehicle based on your basic vehicle data.


Swept path analysis is particularly necessary for:


  • Car park design and assessment
  • Intersections, junctions and roundabouts (temporary or permanent)
  • Petrol station layouts
  • Vehicle depots and loading docks
  • Emergency service vehicle access
  • Waste management vehicle access
  • Fast food drive throughs
  • Shopping centre access
  • Temporary access routes for construction and infrastructure projects
  • Major transport projects


With more than 15 years’ experience in traffic management, we deliver practical solutions for traffic planning, procedures and safety. We have extensive experience delivering swept path analysis reports across projects of all scale and scope.


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