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Best Traffic Consultants for Your Road Safety and Security


We are a leading supplier of traffic management solutions and we provide traffic solutions for construction, residential, commercial, events and other sites. If your work site occupies a part of the road or conducts any on-road activity, it is mandatory for you to hire appropriate Traffic Management Services. This is to ensure the road traffic and pedestrians are not affected by your site work.

Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland some of the most populous cities in Australia and require well defined traffic management plan. We have our operations in all these states and their cities and we can enhance the efficiency and safety of roads.


What Do We offer?


From drafting your Traffic Management Plans to secure work permits on your behalf- we provide an end to end solution for your needs. We can offer you:

  1. Consultation
  2. Traffic Management
  3. Traffic Plans

We can maintain safe and effective movement of people and goods on roads by using efficient traffic management techniques. It deals with planning, geometric design and operating traffic on the streets and highways.

We have a dedicated team with the best traffic consultants Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. With more than 15 years of expertise in traffic engineering and traffic management, we make sure to deliver practical solutions in civil construction and other services.


• Follow and adhere to our clients’ protocols and requirements

• Our service has the clients best interests at the forefront of all our activities.

• All Traffic Engineering Australia conducted audits and inspections are completed without fear or favour, whilst creating an accurate result for all parties.

• To produce accurate information both in planning and auditing


• Road Side Safety Audits
• Traffic Control Safety Audits
• Site Audits. Traffic Control Performance, Traffic Control Implementation, Vehicle Compliance. Traffic Management Scheme.
• Site & Desk Top Audits, Traffic Management Plans, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
• All Site Safety Aspects (as per the clients requirement)
• Site subcontractor safety and compliance

Service Solutions

• To deliver practical solutions to traffic engineering and planning.
• To minimise traffic controller requirements.
• Implement traffic control devices to manage traffic.
• Reduce risk by reducing workers exposure.
• Isolate, eliminate or mitigate risk.
• Minimise impact on motorists.
• Increase productivity time.
• Compliance with standards and protocols.


• Capability to draft on Auto cad and Invarion
• RPEQ sign off
• 24 hour tum around for urgent works
• Risk assessment
• Permit application and approvals
• LUMNs work program submission

Traffic Management Solutions That You Can Rely On

Our traffic plans are drafted with an aim to provide you with a concrete traffic management solution. We follow a systematic process including analysing the site area, assessing and designing the best solution traffic plan and finally executing it, ensuring that it yields a concrete traffic solution for you.


Here’s what you can expect with our end-to-end traffic solutions:


  1. Traffic Management Services and control
  2. Traffic Management Plans (TMP)
  3. Risk Assessments
  4. Temporary Traffic Signage
  5. Reliable &Accredited Traffic Controllers
  6. Complete safety drivers and pedestrians near the worksite

Traffic management plans are made to suit the worksite

Apart from our systematic approach, the factors that assist us in providing you with the unique traffic management design solutions are:

Accurate Information
Our traffic consultants make sure to provide accurate information by adhering to your requirements and protocols. With the comprehensive inspections and audits, we make sure to bring out the best traffic management plans.

Regular Audits
We carry out regular audits to minimise traffic risks and they are in compliance with Australian standards and protocols. We promote road safety in our designs, planning, and everything we do. Our road safety audits include:

    • Road-side safety audits
    • Traffic control safety audits
    • Site audits
    • Site and desktop audits
    • Site subcontractor safety and compliance


Road safety audits actually help you manage local area traffic and analyse the traffic movements better. This results in lesser road accidents and improved road safety.

Practical Solutions

Our traffic consultants in Sydney, Melbourne and Qld provide practical solutions for traffic engineering and planning using the most advanced technology. Our solutions include managing traffic for any special events and reduce disruption for residents and businesses.

Experience and Specialisations

With more than 15 years of experience, our team of traffic consultants specialise in drafting, planning, auditing, risk management and installation of devices. We follow a zero-harm approach in all our planning strategies.

Permanent signage & long term signage installation.

  • Ability to supply all signage from temporary, permanent and regulatory
  • Ability to supply all hardware.
  • Ability to supply service locating
  • Ability to supply work crew including traffic control when required.

One stop for all your signage installation requirements.

Have Any Questions? Call Us!

If you want more information about our traffic management services, feel free to contact our traffic consultants in Victoria, New South Wales or Queensland. You can call us at 07 3133 3968.