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Road Sign Installation and Road Safety Audit

Australia’s Most Trusted Name for Road Safety Audit


Road safety audit is highly in demand within the road and traffic engineering related industry. It is an organised procedure for inspecting the road safety implications of new road schemes and highway improvements. Whether it is construction companies, road maintenance companies, builders or traffic control companies, road safety audit is an essential procedure.


We, at Traffic Engineering Australia, are dedicated to providing effective roadside safety auditing according to your requirements. We will address the shortfalls in current standards being used on new roads while reducing accidents. Also, we make sure that the roads have been planned and constructed according to the highest safety standards.


Different Stages of Our Road Safety Audit Includes:

Feasibility study stage: We will identify the safety needs of the specific traffic engineering project and move forward to the next phase.

Draft design stage: In this phase, the basic designs of the roads are carried out from horizontal and vertical alignment, intersection layout to construction safety.

Detailed design stage: This phase of our audit covers the detailed designs of the roads, including geometric design, signing and line marking plans or lighting designs.

Pre-opening stage: During this phase, our audit team will visit your site. They will observe the provision of sign boards, safety level, road material and other aspects.

In-service stage: In this phase, the road is open to the individuals. Our audit team will examine a host of issues related to roadway hazards and working on safety features during heavy traffic.


We Make Roads Safer

  1. Reduce chances of collisions
  2. Control local area traffic
  3. Enhance safety level
  4. Improve capacity to organise important occasions
  5. Examine movement patterns for bicycles, vehicles, foot traffic and public transport

Having 15 years of experience, we pride ourselves on providing the best road safety audit that protects the welfare and safety of your employees or contractors around the site. Our road safety audits are carried out in accordance with the Australian standards and guidelines.


Road Sign Installation for Improving Workplace Safety

Along with identifying and eliminating the road safety problems, it is also important to warn your employees or contractors regarding the potential dangers. This can be done by providing the necessary information through road sign installation. It is the best way to alert people conveying health and safety messages about the hazards and restricted areas.

If you are looking for the best installation service for road signs around your workplace, then Traffic Engineering Australia is your definite choice. Through our road sign installation service, you can convey specific rules and road conditions for your workers or employees.


Benefits of Our Road Sign Installation Service

  1. Awareness towards hazardous areas
  2. Avoid congestion
  3. Help workers to identify emergency routes
  4. Boosts safety consciousness among workers
  5. Reduces the number of accident claims

Regardless, if you want temporary or permanent signage installation to avoid unexpected incidents, we are here to help you. According to your workplace safety requirements, we offer you different types of road signs including:


  1. Prohibition signs
  2. Mandatory signs
  3. Danger signs
  4. Warning signs
  5. Emergency information signs
  6. Fire alert signs

All these signs are manufactured using the effective materials and manufacturing technology. We install all regulatory signage and adhere to strict quality and environmental controls. Being the renowned road sign installer, we are committed to meeting your installation needs within time and budget.

Get The Best Traffic Management Solutions

With rapidly growing traffic congestion and the increasing number of accidents, the need for a proper traffic management plan has increased. We, at Traffic Engineering Australia, offer you an effective traffic plan and engineering services. From construction to any other commercial project, we provide you reliable traffic management design.


Our team of engineers will ensure you an effective traffic solution that is in compliance with local council safety standards. All our traffic management solutions are tailored to suit your traffic requirements and workplace. Also, we specialise in traffic planning, drafting, auditing, risk assessments, procedures and work methods.

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