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Traffic Engineer Impact Assessment

At Traffic Engineering Australia, we have extensive experience delivering expert traffic engineer impact assessmentson projects and developments of any scope or scale.


We have a highly qualified and experienced team who can assess developments and transportation and infrastructure projects to determine the effects on traffic movement and parking demand.


Any development that generates a significant amount of traffic or affects the existing flow of traffic requires an expert traffic impact assessment. An assessment can help to determine how a development will affect traffic flow and congestion and parking demand and present strategies and design advice and propose solutions for how to best address these issues.


Our team can examine development proposals and present feasibility studies on the impacts on traffic movement and help to identify issues stemming from site location and site accessibility.


When it comes to traffic impact assessments, our team can help with:

  • Planning surrounding transport infrastructure and property access
  • Facilitating planning permits
  • Forecasting increases in traffic congestion resulting from the development or project
  • Understanding traffic and parking impacts
  • Planning vehicle and bicycle parking structures and areas
  • Ensuring parking meets Australian Standards
  • Planning future transport links and public transport strategies
  • Road capacity analysis
  • Determining public transport disruption
  • Understanding effects on traffic movement and increased congestion
  • Making land use decisions
  • Understanding the impacts on high trafficked areas like schools, train stations and tourist areas


With more than 15 years’ experience in traffic management, we deliver practical solutions for traffic planning, procedures and safety.


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