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Specialising in traffic consulting, planning, drafting, auditing, risk assessments,long term and permanent signage installation division, procedures and work methods.

Traffic Engineering Australia – Offering Efficient Traffic Management Solutions

Traffic Engineering Australia is a prominent name in the industry offering traffic management designs, plans and solutions in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland for over 15 years. We have a dedicated, experienced and friendly team who works to achieve a successful and efficient traffic plan.


We deliver practical solutions to all traffic engineering and planning jobs that come our way. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, we aim to streamline your traffic requirements creating a safer and efficient workplace. Adhering to the hierarchy of controls, our team devises the traffic management plan in a way that has a zero-harm approach. Our keenly formulated strategies will provide you with a comprehensive solution towards traffic planning, procedures and safety.


Traffic Management Solutions to Optimise Existing Transport Structure

Our team at Traffic Engineering Australia makes it possible to experience optimised traffic flows by bringing the transport infrastructures and facilities in place. Devising accurate traffic plans, our team works with a goal to provide enhanced security and risk-free traffic solutions.


Our traffic management plan in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland covers the key issues that involve:


  • Providing safe separation between vehicles and pedestrians
  • Minimising vehicle movements
  • Visibility of vehicles and pedestrians
  • Hoarding and crash barrier locations
  • Pedestrian and cyclist routes
  • Traffic signs and line marking


We help you to plan as well as implement safe, compliant and effective traffic control management by fulfilling your criteria.

Minimum risk

Minimum Cost

Maximum Safety


  • Traffic guidance schemes
  • Traffic management plans
  • Roadside Safety Auditing
  • Staging of the works program
  • Work methods
  • Work procedures
  • Risk assessments
  • Safety auditing of work sites and traffic plans
  • ECI – early contract involvement, at tender stage
  • Desktop auditing of traffic guidance schemes and traffic management plans
  • Awareness of working near or next to live traffic
  • 24hr support for traffic management enquiries and alterations
  • Travel time audits
  • Temporary and permanent signage and line marking awareness

We take it seriously when we talk about meeting customer requirements. Requirements vary, but the service is always excellent. We have the capacity to work within all the different disciplines within the civil construction industry.

Origin Alliance

Responsible for all traffic planning, audits, road switches and temporary/permanent signage and line marking over a 4 year period with all deadlines met and zero injuries in the traffic management division.

Gold Link Light Rail

A complex traffic management project on the Gold Coast QLD. Responsible for traffic planning, audits, road switches and temporary/permanent signage and line marking over a 2 year period with all deadlines met and zero injuries in the traffic management division.

South East Queensland Metro Maintenance Contract

Responsible for all safety and quality, traffic planning, audits and consultation for works throughout 800kms of road network over an 18 month period with all deadlines met, incorporating the key objective to zero harm throughout the project.


An Innovative Approach For Traffic Plans

Putting safety first for all our plans, our team follows an innovative approach towards traffic management. No two jobs are the same and we know the importance of a meticulously designed plan for your respective job. Our team understands your criteria, preferences and further carry out the analysis to come up with the best plan for traffic management in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

We follow a systematic process that involves a range of assurance measures including:


  • Analysis of the Initial Requirements
    Our team begins with the initial analysis of what you require while planning the traffic. This is done to ensure that the appropriate controls, plans, permits and notifications are arranged prior to commencing with the actual work.


  • On-site Visits for Better Understanding
    Our next step involves a site visit as this will give a clear understanding of the needs of the traffic plan in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We will perform require audits in line with the local traffic rules and regulations.


  • Assessment of the Complex Situations
    The risk assessment process for the project, procedures and practices are undertaken to manage the risk exposure. The outcomes of the assessment are further used to develop appropriate strategies for traffic management plan in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane (QLD).


  • Implementation of the Best Traffic Plan
    Considering all the aspects, we come up with a traffic management plan in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane that is further implemented to provide you with an organised traffic structure. After exploring the prospective risks, we provide accurate plan to improve overall safety on site.


Our traffic management design aims at:


  • Maintaining standardised procedures for traffic control at work sites on roads
  • Ensuring compliance with legislative requirements and industry standards
  • Providing a high level of safety to the workers as well as the commuters
  • Minimising the inconvenience and disturbance to commuters due to on-going road work
  • Providing instruction and supervision to employees and contractors to ensure their safety at work


If minimising risk and increasing safety is vital for your project, contact our team of experts to devise a systematic traffic plan for you. For more information on our traffic management services, contact us at 0418283174.

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